Most Lebanese live paycheck to paycheck and our government isn’t far behind. Take a look at electricity supplies during the winter. How many times do we hear the same story: “ship carrying fuel cannot dock due to sea conditions, therefore we need to further ration the power supply”. And let’s not forget the recent embarrassment at Rafik Hariri International Airport where we asked airlines to bring their own fuel because our ‘paycheck’ was not correct. Well, apparently there is another shipment of resources that will also be arriving late, though I think this might only affect Almaza this time around:

A Maltese-flagged freighter carrying barley is reported to have run aground in Greece. The Palmali Discovery, which has 13 crew, is said to have grounded on a rocky islet off the island of Lesvos, en route to Beirut from Russia.


Barley: Shipment of barley bound for Beirut runs aground