Illinois, USA

A comment by a Chicago Cubs (baseball) fan has really got me fuming this morning:

My wife asked me how much the 2012 Chicago Cubs will differ from previous models.  She asked the question because she has heard so much about the new “Cubby Way” of thinking since Epstein and Co. came to town.


The real answer probably lays beneath the apocolyptic quagmire of the last three seasons.  Imagine it this way, the bombing raid of Milton Bradley,  bad contracts, Jim Hendry, Mike Quade, and finally Carlos Zambrano over the last three years have left craters in the Cub landscape.  In many ways it is kind of like Beirut, once a nice vacation spot, now a pile of rubble.

That ignorant statement comes from Chet West (@chetwest19). Chet, click here to download your “Looks Like Beirut” certificate.

Beirut Downtown Seafront - Taken on June 17, 2011

Beirut Downtown Seafront - Taken on June 17, 2011