Bill Wright of Westmorland Road, Blackpool in the UK has written in to his local paper with tips on how “to make both Waterloo Road and Bond Street more attractive to shoppers“:

A few mature trees would be a start, but please not the ‘sticks’ that have been planted elsewhere, which take years to grow if the vandals don’t get there first.

Hanging baskets on lampposts by the council, and also by shop owners/tenants, on their facias wouldn’t cost a fortune. Hey presto. It wouldn’t look like Beirut any more.

OK, Beirut may not be the greenest city in the world but that was a pretty low comment. Miranda Cachondeowas kind enough to share photos of her May trip to Beirut. Bill if your streets currently look like this, I really have no idea what you are complaining about.

Taken from Miranda Cachondeo’s website