Indiana, USA

A quiet fall evening in the home of Troy and Jerri Tucker is broken by the sounds of Beirut, uh I mean gunshots.

“It sounded like Beirut,” Troy Tucker said. “Bullets came through the walls, shattered windows and pictures, doors, a dog crate and a chair. One of the bullets was stopped by my gun safe. When I ran through the living room from the restroom to get outside to protect my family, there was gun smoke and plaster dust in the air. I ran through a cloud. There was glass in the carpet. It was just a mess.”

I found it quite fascinating how your house gets shot up, endangering your wife and kids, and Beirut is right there spewing from your lips. How can that comparison describe what actually took place? In any case, the reporter for this story made my job very easy by providing the Tucker’s family’s full address. I’ll be sending them a Looks Like Beirut certificate shortly.

view from hotel in beirut, mediterranean sea way in the back -- by bettyx1138 via flickr

View from hotel in Beirut, Mediterranean sea way in the back — by bettyx1138 via flickr