I am once again left speechless. How exactly do burnt-out cars look like Beirut?

A CAR trader who lost eight vehicles in a huge fire last night has spoken of the devastation at the scene. The vehicles were lost in a blaze at Southside Farm, Wooburn Moor, which began in the early hours of this morning.


“It looks like Beirut down there, the cars are completely burnt to the ground,” he said.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of who “he” is or the name of the company. Without any other information, I’m going to have to let this Looks Like Beirut episode slide without a certificate.

Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Looks Like Beirut on Google Maps

I’ve mapped the locations that have been described at one time or another as “looking like Beirut”. Take a look at the Google Map below and see if any area near you has been described as resembling the Lebanese capital.

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