This is absolutely annoying when acts of arson (i.e. setting cars on fire) is compared to Beirut:

A couple have spoken of their shock at waking up to what they have described as something like a Beirut war scene inches from their home and business.

Terrington St John postmaster Mike Baker (55) and his wife Lynda (54) were asleep at about 5.30am on October 4 when the milkman came hammering on their door as three cars were on fire outside their business.


Said Lynda: “It looked like Beirut (Lebanon). It was awful. Everything was well alight and I was worried our building might go as well.”

Thank you Lynda and a big thanks to the anonymous journalist at Fenland Citizen for educating us on where Beirut is; just in case you had no idea which Beirut Lynda was describing. Yes, its in Lebanon but it definitely looks nothing like this:

Lydna Baker: It looked like Beirut (Lebanon).

Lydna Baker: It looked like Beirut (Lebanon).

Interestingly Mike, Lynda’s wife works at the local post office – that would make it extremely easy to send over the “Looks Like Beirut” certificate.