Ontario, Canada

According to residents of Donwoods Drive in Toronto, the roads that ply through their streets belong in Beirut rather than Canada:

Donwoods Drive is a doozy.

A gateway residential street to Hoggs Hollow, the steep swath of pavement can rattle teeth and bones. It practically crumbles beneath the weight of a bike or car.

“This is the worst road in the city,” says a cyclist struggling through the intricate maze of ruts and pockmarks on a sunny May afternoon.

Standing off to the side, councillor Jaye Robinson nods in agreement.


“The residents email me and say, ‘We feel like these are the streets of Beirut, not a Toronto neighbourhood’.

Councillor Jaye Robinson will be receiving her Looks Like Beirut certificate shortly.

Beirut traffic by maryatexitzero -- via flickr

Beirut traffic by maryatexitzero — via flickr