A big thanks to Sarah for sending me this “looks like Beirut” alert and the audio to accompany it. This report was broadcast on BBC Radio on February 7 in regards to the flooding that has left significant property and infrastructure damage. Here is some background info from the Herald Report on the damage:

South Devon is counting the cost of storm damage which wrecked businesses, endangered homes and devastated 80 metres of railway line into the area.

Homes were evacuated and a major incident was declared at Dawlish after storms ripped through the seawall and left the railway track hanging over the sea as high tide and storm force gales gusting up to 85mph hit on Tuesday night.

You might have come across the below picture of the devastation.

Here’s the clip that Sarah provided with the quote coming from David Force of the Dawlish Chamber of Trade:

And here’s a transcript:

Not only is the train not running, but the pictures that are being shown nation-wide about the railway, the sea-front and the beach it looks more like Beirut than Dawlish. Unfortunately, I can’t see many people would want to take advantage of its glorious coastline.

Looks Like Beirut Certificate for David Force

Looks Like Beirut Certificate for David Force

This is a perfect opportunity to send a Looks Like Beirut certificate to David; Sarah has been very helpful in providing a mailing address. Finally, here is a photo for David of what Beirut really looks like:

Wet Beirut

Wet Beirut by AhmadHashim, on Flickr