This is an absolute first for me – a UK farmer describes how a wild pack of pit bulls killed 9 of his sheep in an attack the farmer called “Beirut”

In a scene described as “like Beirut”, Brynteg farmer Alun Hughes chased and shot two dogs from his truck. Another was shot but escaped, prompting a police helicopter search. It  was found later, treated by vets and returned to its owner.

Mr Hughes said: “They killed  five sheep and four others were  so badly injured they had to be  put down.

What exactly does that mean? How could it be anything like Beirut? When was the last a pack of wild dogs roamed the streets of the Lebanese capital attacking livestock while being chased by farmers?

Outdoor souk in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon
Taken by cwirtanen via flickr on June 8, 2013

Looks Like Beirut on Google Maps

I’ve mapped the locations that have been described at one time or another as “looking like Beirut”. Take a look at the Google Map below and see if any area near you has been described as resembling the Lebanese capital.

View Looks Like Beirut – Mapped Across the World by Jad Aoun in a larger map