Southampton, UK

Residents are in an uproar over drunken, late-night behavior on the streets of the Polygon area of the city:

POLICE are stepping up patrols in a bid to curb increasing reports of drink-fuelled yobbery on the streets of a community. Officers have been meeting fedup residents from the Polygon area of the city who say their lives are being blighted by late-night noise and drunken behavior.


Ashley Richie, who lives in Kenilworth Road said he was constantly woken up and last week had his car damaged. He said: “It feels like Beirut. They are just shouting and bawling, it is so nasty and you can’t sleep.”

We’ve had our fair share of residents-against-noisy-pubs in Lebanon but those remain to be isolated incidents. I cannot stand by this “feels like Beirut” crap especially as it sounds like any given evening in the UK:

It comes as Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a blitz on the scourge of public drunkenness and the huge public health bill caused by alcohol abuse.

See, its a UK problem.


Gemazyeh -- via flickr