California, USA

The run-up to the 4th of July celebrations in the US has lead to an increase in firework displays with one resident comparing the noise to Beirut:

The pre-Fourth of July fireworks that traditionally rattle the Eastside appear to have gotten off to an especially noisy start in parts of Echo Park and Silver Lake, with a huge boom rattling windows and setting off car alarms Sunday night near Allesandro Street and the 2 Freeway.


Last night’s large blasts preceded other big explosions in recent days, including some heard in the Eagle Rock area, according to a resident named Matt who lives near Develan Drive and the 2 Freeway. “Is it me or has it sounded a lot like Beirut around the Eastside this weekend? Lots of fireworks … small arms … M80 or larger ordinance going off.”

Not much to go on in order to send out a “Looks Like Beirut” certificate to Matt, so he’ll have to make due with this post.

Beirut-1003864 by mohamedn -- via flickr

Beirut-1003864 by mohamedn — via flickr

It’s been a little over a year since I started work on the Looks Like Beirut – The Google Maps Version and its quite fascinating to see the concentration of the phrase in certain areas. With this post here, we have four separate incidents compared to Beirut within a 20km radius.

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