Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Abandoned property is an easy magnet for trash, a fact the residents of Aylesbury in the UK know too well:

Disused, damaged garages and dumped rubbish are making an area of Aylesbury look ‘more like Beirut’.

The area, just off Whaddon Chase and Cromwell Avenue, has been used as a dumping ground for old beds, clothes, furniture and other items, and there are concerns it may also be the site of criminal activity.

That Beirut comparison was made by Chris Adams, UKIP councillor for Quarrendon:

“It has got to be sorted, we can’t have this sort of thing just being left. The police and local residents are not happy. It’s a disgraceful area. Kids could go onto the roof of one of the garages and it only takes one little bit of wind and it could injure a child. You wouldn’t expect that in Aylesbury. It looks more like Beirut.”

Chris Adams will be receiving his Looks Like Beirut certificate in the mail shortly.

Beirut, Lebanon (June 3, 2012) by Fiona Bradley -- via flickr

Beirut, Lebanon (June 3, 2012) by Fiona Bradley — via flickr