Guy Ordway of the Performance Verbier Ski School has edited his recent blog post Wonderbar now looks like Beirut to Wonderbar now looks unwell.

The change came as a result of @arabbrands continuous tries to post a comment on Guy’s post:

Posted two comments yesterday, which were accepted. Today, they are removed.

I have now posted a comment: “Why were my questions removed?”

I imagine this too will be removed.

Perhaps they don’t realize that everyone is free to comment on everything in Beirut? : )

Of course, that comment was also removed:

Deleted comment asking why they deleted my previous comment. :)

So when all else fails, you tweet – you can’t delete a person’s tweet:

@performance_ski disrespected Beirut (, then deleted my polite rebuttal from comments. #weaksauce

That of course resulted in a reply

@ArabBrands Hi. Just saw your comment – have retitled it. G

…and an invite to Faraya:

Thx Guy. Hope you visit Beirut & discover it does not look, er, unwell. Perhaps a ski trip to #faraya? @performance_ski

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for:

@ArabBrands You’re right – too easy to use old clichés. And I hear there’s some great skiing a couple of hours away too…

A big thanks to William (@arabbrands) for all your help and thank you Guy for your positive response.

Job well done.