We’ve had long discussions about direct flights between Canada and Lebanon, but now there’s talk of direct flights between Beirut and the US:

President Michel Sleiman announced Thursday that American airlines are considering a partnership agreement with Middle East Airlines (MEA) as a first step to resume direct flights between Beirut and the United States and eventually Canada.
The issue of MEA and resumption of direct flights between the US and Lebanon was raised during an official visit to Washington, said Sleiman after receiving a delegation from MEA, headed by company Chairman Mohammad Hout.
He added that American officials were receptive to the idea of a partnership between American airlines and the national carrier.

Before the US Travel Ban to Lebanon was lifted in 1997, you couldn’t even get a ticket issued with Beirut as your final destination (it used to say Damascus, which I will leave you all to think about).

Of course, these kind of talks come and go over the years with nothing actually taking shape, but maybe this time around, it could be different.