Hindley, United Kingdom

Hindley residents are breathing a sigh of relief after the local authorities have earmarked a dilapidated building for demolition. Lebanese citizens on the other hand will not be happy to learn that the residents had dubbed the building, Little Beirut:

THE sound of a wrecking ball striking concrete will be music to the ears of long-suffering residents living near to Wigan’s most infamous eyesore. The Borsdane Shopping Precinct in Hindley will soon be no more as demolition teams have started the process of dismantling the concrete monstrosity dubbed “little Beirut”.

There is no clear identification of who exactly came up with Little Beirut, but nonetheless, I’ll be sending a certificate to the Wigan Today (no reporter or author is mentioned in the article) as well one addressed to the residents of Hindley. This is not the first time a local resident has used the term. I’ve already sent Hindley councilor Bob Brierley a certificate when he made similar comments last year about the same building, but never received a response. A certificate to the newspaper would be an adequate escalation.

beirut downtown

Beirut Downtown
— By uliatcairo via Flickr —

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