I have a personal motto: if it talks like a Lebanese and drives likes a Lebanese, its a Lebanese:

Omar Budib, a Lebanese businessman currently residing in The Gambia, was, last week, fined by The Gambia Police Force, for allegedly insulting a female traffic police officer in the course of executing her official duty.

[…] the Lebanese man wanted to use the road despite being told about the closure of traffic at the time. This, apparently, did not go down well with Budibu, who went to the extent of insulting and threatening to drive his vehicle on the police officer who escaped unhurt by running to the other side of the road. […] After attempting to drive onto the police officer, Budibu demanded to know her name on the ground that he would ensure her sacking, because, … “he knew and dealt with almost all the big officials in the country.”

Well, apparently he needed more contacts than he had.