That’s according to Malcolm Hunt who purchased a two-bedroom apartment at the Oakwood development on Kingswood Parks:

HOMEOWNERS are criticising a development company [Beal Homes] for starting construction on new plots before finishing their site.


Malcolm Hunt, 60, and his wife Glynis, 58, bought a two-bedroom apartment on the Oakwood site for £120,000 in September 2008.

The plots either side of them remain empty.

The couple are upset that the attractive surroundings they were shown on Beal’s plans have failed to materialise.

Mr Hunt said: “There are eight-foot fences where the building work hasn’t been carried out. There are concrete silos and containers on top of containers which are higher than the perimeter fence.

“It looks like Beirut and we’ve had to live with it for two years.”

Unfortunately Malcolm, if you’ve visited Beirut, you’d probably wish that Oakwood Development did look our city. I don’t have much to go on as address but nevertheless, here’s your certificate – feel free to print and frame it.

Looks Like Beirut Certificate for Malcolm Hunt

Looks Like Beirut Certificate for Malcolm Hunt