What is it this time? Cars set ablaze? The collapse of the US constitution? Nope – it’s all about scaffolding:

BARNSTAPLE traders are calling for action over unsightly scaffolding that they say is bad for business.

The Gazette reported in January how scaffolding put up around an unsafe building in Joy Street had had a detrimental effect of Christmas trade.

Nine months later, the same traders have drawn up petition to get the scaffolding removed once and for all and are asking shoppers to show their support.

Jackie Gover, of Gover’s, said: “It looks like Beirut up here. It’s been up a year now and we’ve been told it’ll be up for at least another two – if we’re lucky.”

So there you have it. Scaffolding on a building in need of major repairs is apparently enough to label a street Beirut. Jackie, your certificate is on its way.

No joy on Joy Street as Jackie (left) labels the street Beirut.