Apple is planning to beef up security at its 356 Greenwich Ave. store in Greenwich, Connecticut by installing a security gate on the inside windows of its store. So where’s the problem? Well other store owners are complaining the move will effect the beauty of this historical neighborhood. As Terry Betteridge, owner and chief executive of Betteridge Jewelers at 117 Greenwich Ave., beautifully put it:

“It looks like Lebanon to me,” […] “We can become Beirut if we would like to be.”

Well, I at least have got to give him credit that he knows where Beirut is. But not only has he insulted Beirut but decided to insult our entire country as a whole. Quite a shame for a company that prides itself on integrity, expertise and service.

Without a doubt, Terry definitely needs a “Looks Like Beirut” certificate. Oh, and here Terry is what shops looks like in Beirut:

Shops in Beirut - From

Shops in Beirut - From

Thanks to @rayan_b for the article!