Blackwood, Wales

The residents of Cefn Fforest (it’ not a typo – it has two F’s) are up in arms with a youth mob terrorizing the community:

MORE than 100 youths are plaguing residents lives by making “petrol bombs” setting fire to bins and vandalising a Cefn Fforest park.

People living near Cefn Fforest Welfare Ground claim they have been stuck in a “living hell” for a year because of multiple incidents of anti-social behaviour every Friday and Saturday night when hundreds of teenagers descend on the park to drink and vandalise property.

Community representative, Andrew Farina-Child, has had enough of the situation:

Blackwood town councillor Andrew Farina-Childs, whose house on Twynyffald Road backs on to the welfare ground, said Friday night’s events were “abysmal.”

Cllr Farina-Childs said: “It’s more like Beirut than Blackwood. We want the park closed in the evening so my residents can get a quality of life back.”

The people of Beirut, according to these Welsh, you are living in hell. It’s quite funny as I would have thought using a more recent incident, oh I don’t know – London, would be a more suitable comparison. In any case, Andrew Farina-Child will be receiving his “Looks Like Beirut” certificate shortly.

Cllr Andrew Farina-Child by a burnt bin in Cefn Fforest

Cllr Andrew Farina-Child by a burnt bin in Cefn Fforest