Honestly, when I first read this, I wasn’t really sure it’s a “look like Beirut” moment, but it seems that the people at The Blaze have issues with the Lebanese capital as their story title points out:

JPMorgan CEO: Beirut ‘Safer’ Than Occupy Protests

See the quotes around the word safer? That is supposed to signify irony – ironic that Jamie Dimon felt safer in Lebanon than in New York. According to some experts, using so-called Apologetic Quotation Marks signifies that the writer lacks writing skills to properly showcase irony and is thus used as a last resort.

This is what Jamie had to say to Fox News when asked about the protests that took place in front of his home:

“That particular day, I was in Lebanon, Beirut doing business over there and I was probably safer over there too,” Dimon said.

So do I send Jamie a “looks like Beirut” certificate? I’m definitely going to send one to The Blaze’s Becket Adams.