Other than providing a social atmosphere and health-focused meals, Lebanese cuisine is also helping to line the pockets of Dubai’s restaurants:

Lebanese is a very affordable cuisine and can generate good margins – especially in the high end outlets. This is welcome news to F&B operators in the current economic and political climate who are constantly remodelling their menus to combat rising food prices. In comparison to some “meat heavy” brands like steakhouses, Lebanese outlets can source ingredients relatively inexpensively, as Frank Owens [group general manager of Emirates Grand Hotel] confirms: “Lebanese cuisine can deliver strong revenues because it is rich in things like olive oil and garlic – products that are relatively inexpensive.”

Two restaurants in the Emirate have been quite candid with Hotelier Middle East on how profitable it is to serve Lebanese:

Al Basha Restaurant (Dedicated Lebanese outlet): “Profitability is growing, and currently stands at around 40%. Last year, we saw strong growth of 21% on 2010.”

Topkapi Restaurant (mixed menu): “We are an Arabic food outlet and the popularity of the Lebanese menu items drives revenue and makes a significant contribution to the profitability of the restaurant.”

So not only is Lebanese cuisine good for you, it will also make your banker smile.

Lebanese Food! Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel -- via flickr

Lebanese Food! Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel -- via flickr