I know I would surely would have enjoyed these Legos when growing up:

Lebanese entrepreneur Ayah Bdeir will now be able to bring snap-together electronics toys littleBits to a wider audience, thanks to a new round of Series A funding from U.S. venture capital firms.


In her TED talk this March, Bdeir, who also co-founded Beirut workspace Karaj, explained the simplicity of the little color-coded pieces that teach children how to build and augment electronic circuits that connect via magnetic ends. “Instead of having to program, to wire, to solder, little bits allows you to program using very simple, intuitive gestures.”

She demonstrates how the pieces are as easy to use as Legos, and allow children (or adults) to make increasingly complex and fun circuits including lights, switches, sounds, motors, and, eventually, solar panels. “[Children] start to understand the electronics around them from everyday that they don’t learn at schools,” she describes. “For example, how a nightlight works, why an elevator door stays open, or how an iPod responds to touch.”

Crave Test Tries littleBits

Crave Test Tries littleBits