Lebanese-developed Birdy Nam Nam may be the next big hit since Angry Birds:

Launched on August 22nd, the game has already clocked over 400,000 downloads in less than a week.

The 3-man team, consisting of Lebnan Nader, Arz Nader and JC, initially released the game in three versions – a free ‘lite’ version containing only 4 levels, a full $0.99 version, and a full HD version for $1.99. […] They removed the lite version, and made the other two versions available for free. In 2 days, the number of downloads shot up to 120,000 worldwide, prompting them to think there had been some sort of mistake. Another 2 days passed and the number increased by over 2 and a half times to 320,000 downloads, placing the game into the Top 10 list in all iTunes App Stores across the Middle East and in Russia, the Top 30 in France and in the Top 100 in the US.

The game has been compared to Nintendo’s Duck Hunt.

The team was determined to give the game a distinctly Arabic flavour. The iOS game, available in Arabic, English and French, is set in the Middle East, where the region is coming under attack from mutant chickens.

Birdy Nam Nam Screenshot

Birdy Nam Nam Screenshot