Arabian Business has released their 2012 Power 500 list of the world’s most influential Arabs with Lebanese leading the way:

Lebanon has contributed the most names to the 2012 list of the world’s most influential Arabs, published on Sunday by Arabian Business.

The list reveals 85 names that originate from Lebanon, with Saudi Arabia contributing 67 and Egypt and the UAE 58 names each. Many US based Arabs are originally Lebanese, according to the magazine.

One more interesting fact:

Just 29 of the Arabs on the list who originate from Lebanon still live in the country, according to Arabian Business.

14 Lebanese make it within the top 100 and they are:

15. Matty Maroun
21. Charles Elachi
22. Elie Saab
27. Elie Khouri
29. Fairouz
39. Leila El Solh
52. Nadine Labaki
55. Joseph Ghossoub
59. Ghassan Bin Jiddu
83. Dani Richa
86. Carlos Ghosn
89. Alex Saber
95. Robert Mouawad
100. Dr. Layla Batarseh

Arabian Business also have this interesting map showing where most powerful Arabs are from; Lebanon over-encasing Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

Power 500 Arabs - Power Map

Power 500 Arabs - Power Map