A report earlier this month has shown that property sales in Jordan are on the rise thanks to its neighbors:

The total value of property deals in Jordan rose 18 percent in the first six months of the year compared to the same period last year as lower prices pushed up demand and oversupply eased, official data showed Monday.


Jordan’s once-booming property sector was underpinned by strong demand from Iraqis, Palestinians, expat Jordanians and Lebanese seeking a safe haven in a country with a record of political stability.

Lebanese make it within the top foreign investors in the sector:

  1. Iraqis – 92.8 million dinars (US$131 million)
  2. Saudis – 8.6 million dinars (US$ 12 million)
  3. Lebanese – 7.5 million dinars (US$ 11 million)

Not bad when compared to the sheer number of Iraqis and and bank balances of Saudi investors.

Jordan property sales see 18 percent rise on the back of Lebanese investments.