Lived in Germany since she was 8 months old, Lebanon-born boxer Rola El-Halabi was shot on April 2 before she was to enter the ring:

Germany’s female world lightweight boxing champion Rola El-Halabi was recovering in hospital on Saturday after being gunned down before a title fight.

The 25-year-old, born in Lebanon, but raised in Ulm, Germany, was preparing for a WIBF title fight against Bosnia’s Irma Balijagic-Adler in Karlshorst, Berlin, on Friday when she was shot in her dressing room.

A 44-year-old man, believed to the boxer’s step-father and her former manager, fired at El-Halabi’s legs and hands, as well as wounding two security guards in the process, before police arrested him.

It is unclear if her injuries will end her career.

From Dawn: Rola El-Halabi, Germany’s female world lightweight boxing champion

From Dawn: El-Halabi received three wounds and is recovering in hospital, but there are fears her injuries could threaten her career.