We might need to add another -wood to the family of movie productions zones:

…the government’s ministries of culture and tourism are coming together to promote Lebanon as a potential film destination.

The Lebanese Tourist Board of Paris is launching an initiative dubbed “At 35mm From Beirut” with a view to building relations between Lebanese and international producers. The program will fly international film execs to Lebanon later this year to familiarize them with locations and local film talent.

What is the Lebanese Tourist Board of Paris? Is that like the Lebanese Government in Exile – Jerusalem?

Anyway, this is somewhat a positive development though I expect that the costs of the marketing campaign to out do the benefits. Plus, what producer would not want to shoot in such a beautiful country where freedom of creativity is protected (senese the sarcasm)? Though I wonder how things will go if a Jewish producer or a movie conveying Jews would get the required license to shoot. I mean if The Nanny and the Diary of Anne Frank are banned, what hope is there for a successful Lebanonwood?