Something we seem to have in common with Israelis, we are willing to dish out lots of money on desserts that we can make at home with the help of Betty Crocker:

Cupcake shops have become as ubiquitous as hot dog stands in some American cities, and have spread to Rome; Istanbul; Berlin; Seoul, South Korea; and Sydney, Australia. Now Fadi Jaber, has proved that even the Arab world is not immune to such a Western frivolity.[…]

With stores in Amman, Beirut and Dubai, you too can have a cupcake. The Israelis are also keen on the sweet, though they seem to prefer the virtual type:

In the last year, three online cupcake stores opened in Israel, all in Tel Aviv.

Maybe its time we all make peace over a round of strawberry cupcakes. We wouldn’t want to be serving hommous or falafel now would we?