Destruction and carnage? According to Russel Pritchard, it’s got to be how Beirut looks like:

YOUNG footballers are devastated after [the Carnforth Rangers FC] clubhouse was vandalised and left looking “like a scene from Beirut”.


The mindless louts wrecked the changing area, ripped off roof slates, smashed up toilets and ripped out plumbing. They even stolen the small nets and goalposts used by the club’s juniors.

Russell Pritchard, junior club chairman, told The Visitor: “It’s like a scene from Beirut. We’re trying to do something good for the community. We have all these people putting all this effort in and then they do this.”

Russell, I’ll be sending you a “Looks Like Beirut” Certificate but in the meantime, why don’t you read this 2009 article from the Guardian: Beirut is back… and it’s beautiful.