A big thanks to Nicolien Kegels (qussa.nl) who not only translated the “Looks Like Beirut” certificate into Dutch, but has also provided a person that we can send the certificate to: James Worthy.

James Worthy (not the American basketball player), is a 33 year old Dutch author who has written 3 books (based on my research). In 2012, he released a self-titled novel about (thanks to GoodReads.com and Google Translate for this):

James Worthy, a dreamy 30 year old, former stutterer and writer by profession. Since he lives with his dream girl Polly, he is the happiest man in the world. At least, until the day that Polly dumps him for a successful artist. A womanizer par excellence, James immerses himself in the Amsterdam nightlife and wins many a woman’s heart. Can any woman compete with Polly?

Not a place you would think of finding a “looks like Beirut” comparison, right? Flip to chapter 17 and check out the first line:

Except from Chapter 17 of the book James Worthy

Chapter 17 of James Worthy’s self-titled book – where he compares a ransacked caravan to Beirut

‘James, ik sta in je mobilhome. Het liijkt hier op Beiroet. Of je bent beroofd of je bent boos. Waar ben je?’ De vrouwenstem klinkt bezorgd.

And here is the rough translation:

“James, I’m in your mobile home. It’s similar to Beirut here. Whether you are robbed or you’re angry. Where are you?’ The woman’s voice sounded worried.

I’m assuming his mobile home is in disarray. As always, James will be receiving the Looks Like Beirut Certificate (in his native Dutch this time) and I am looking forward to his response (which I may have to pass it on to Nicolien to translate).