The “Looks Like Beirut” campaign faced a setback this week with the Ashrafieh bombing just as the Homeland saga was getting its publicity. MSNBC in the US picked up on the irony of the Lebanese government suing Homeland for depicting Beirut as a war zone and then having a huge blast in the center of the city less than 24 hours later.

So it was quite heartening to receive the following Facebook message from Katherine Rizk-Watson in the UK:

I’ve just been introduced to your blog ‘Looks like Beirut’ (due to an article in The Independent) and thought I’d drop you a line to say how much I agree and appreciate your work. I try my best here in the UK to correct people who,sadly, frequently use the phrase – they are usually taken aback by the offense they have given by using the phrase. Keep up your fantastic work! I lived in Lebanon for many years, from 74 to 2006. Believe me, some of the things you see here in the UK are worse than what I saw in Lebanon.

It was wonderful to receive a message of support in light of the heinous act last week and its ongoing aftermath. No matter what happens, the struggle to rid the world of the “Looks Like Beirut” cliche will always go on.

Beirut - When Will You Find Rest?

Beirut – When Will You Find Rest?
Image from Flickr by rabiem22