I’ve got three Tweets for you this week, although the last one is more of an accurate observation of the Lebanese capital rather than an insult. Let’s start with Ruth’s (@ruthie_knighton) description of a messy home:

The house stinks, there’s fog on the stairs and the kitchen looks like Beirut. Happy Pancake Day everyone

Stephan Strack (@stephanstrack) has this to say about an article on Detroit (which I happened to highlight yesterday – where the blogger says Detroit is worse than Beirut):

Detroit looks more like Beirut now http://t.co/aG5yXt8N #gold #silver

And finally, this Tweet from Ross Feighery (@rossfeighery) on the dichotomy of Beirut living:

Half of downtown Beirut is trying way too hard to be a high end fashion district, the other half looks like http://t.co/HX13lC04

Here’s Ross’ photo:

From rossfeighery -- via Instagram