It’s been a very busy week for “looks like Beirut” over on Twitter, so let’s get straight to it:

@ATL17Doc :

@Chanitra the A looks overcrowded. My apartment I grew up in look like Beirut! I was waiting for a terrorist to jump out and attack

@NegarBee :

Someone get me out of Newark! This ish looks like Beirut…..

@Racingwelfare :

@rebeccaejulian my desk looks like Beirut in 1979. You could help me!

@Mazza_78 :

Hotels in Blackpool along seafront are in desperate need of makeover! Looks more like holiday resort in Beirut!

@MoneypointAFC :

Liverpool v Everton – Like the war in Lebanon – we don’t like either side, can’t understand what they’re saying & venue looks like Beirut

Great work everyone, now here’s your certificate:

Looks Like Beirut Certificate

Looks Like Beirut Certificate