Firefighters in Lynnwood, Washington, USA, had to tackle a major fire at a 40+ year old building earlier this week and Fire Marshal Leroy McNulty has the details:

The Lynnwood Fire Marshal says firefighters had trained several times a year at an apartment building that was destroyed by fire on Monday because of the conditions at the aging LynnView apartments, which were built in 1969.


McNulty said the type of construction of the building allowed the fire to spread quickly.

“This whole side of the building is nothing but glass; once the glass broke it spread out and all across all the verandas that were on this side of the building,” he said.

McNulty said it’s amazing nobody was hurt in the fire.

“It looks like Beirut,” he said. “And so you look at the damage and you compare it to what could have been, no lives were lost.”

Apparently, the charred remains of a 40 year old building looks like Beirut. Strange, I was in Beirut the weekend before and it didn’t resemble the fire marshal’s comments at all.

A Looks Like Beirut certificate seems well deserved.

Fire Marshal Leroy McNulty: "It looks like Beirut"

Fire Marshal Leroy McNulty: "It looks like Beirut"