has issued partial results to its Salary Survey taken in January 2009 and apparently a Lebanese has the title of the most paid:

…no one nationality dominated the top earners list with 10 different countries represented, with Lebanon, Bahrain and Australia filling the top three rankings.

And how much does our fellow Lebanese make?

Well, he or she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than US$300,000 a month including all commission, bonuses and allowances.

US$300,000!!! Well at least there’s someone out there making good money. Of course then there’s always someone throwing away good money:

The General Department of Traffic in Dubai Police has prepared a list of 100 motorists who owe the department the most in traffic fines.

A Lebanese man tops the new list with Dh70,000 [US$19,022] worth of fines pending against his name.

I have a question to each of the two individuals:
Individual #1: What the hell do you do that justifies your company to give you US$3.6 million a year?
Individual #2: How the hell do your rack up US$19,000 worth of traffic fines?