A tornado has hit Mapleton, Iowa in the US leaving behind residential towers and shopping malls, apparently:

With 10 minutes’ warning, residents of Mapleton escaped serious injury when a devastating tornado ripped through the town about 8 p.m., cutting all power and wiping out blocks of the Monona County town of 1,294.

“Mapleton looks like downtown Beirut,” Monona County Sheriff’s Deputy Roger Krohn said.

It makes no sense to me; first they say that property has been wiped out in the town but then it looks like this:

Beirut Rising Skyline

From Wikipedia: Beirut Rising Skyline

So which is it?

Oh, I get it, Deputy Roger Krohn is using that cliche to compare Mapleton to Beirut in the 70s and 80s. Its quite sad to know that there are people still stuck in decades long gone. Well, I guess this certificate might knock some sense into him.