OntorNet have been asking every day since October 1 – have the Internet speeds increased? The answer as it stands today is no:

Lebanese state-owned PSTN operator Ogero says it has finally received equipment it needs to deliver satisfactory ADSL broadband services across its national network, after a shortage of funding caused it to stop connecting new high speed customers.


However, full national rollout of the new ADSL2+ services requires Ogero to complete equipment upgrades including finishing its fibre-optic transmission backbone to all parts of the country, which is expected by end-2012 according to the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT).

The article goes on to explain that users now have cheaper packages with higher caps but without the increased speed:

…some private ISPs are reported by the [Daily] Star to have withheld launching the new packages pending assurances from the state telco, while the new promised higher speeds have reportedly been delayed in some areas due to the incumbent’s slowness in upgrading network equipment. However, most ADSL users are already benefiting from the lower price and higher monthly download limits introduced under the MoT’s bill (though still waiting for high speeds).

Most likely it will be a phased release as ‘centrales’ get the new equipment and the fiber optic cables are finally in place. In the meantime, Lebanese will just have to wait.