@najib_mikati was hacked this morning with an ad for diet pills as well as a link to what Mikati’s social media team is describing as an ‘indecent photo’:

PM Mikati’s Twitter feed was hacked at 4:25am Bei time on Sun Nov.13, 2011. The ‘weight-loss’ indicent Tweet+pic was not posted by PM. WKYP

Since then Mikati’s twitter account has been repeating the message that the incident has been contained and it is now safe again to tweet with the PM:

Again, Fm PM’s #Socialmedia team: PM Mikati’s Twitter feed has now been restored post-hacking. Psswd changed. It’s now safe to Tweet w/ PM.

And a slap-on-the-wrist to those who thought Mikati himself posted the aforementioned ‘indecent photo’:

Fm PM Mikati’s #Socialmedia team: Appreciate those who said it was a SPAM. Those who accused PM of posting indecent tweet: Allah Y’ssemihkom

I haven’t had luck finding the hacked tweet but I’m assuming indecent means pornographic.