In an article found in the UK’s The Sun, the newspaper interviews professional footballer, Robbie Savage. Now here’s what the article had to say about his hard times in 2008:

…last season, Savage thought his career was over. He could not get into the Derby first team, was loaned out to Brighton and actually considered playing in Beirut.

At first I thought it was a joke but apparently it was true:

Robbie Savage is heading for Beirut to hold signing talks with Lebanon’s top side Al-Ansar in one of the most surprising transfers of the season.

Or maybe it wasn’t true:

Former Lebanese champions Al Ansar have denied reports suggesting midfielder Robbie Savage is about to join the Beirut-based club.

OK, so he visited Lebanon but that’s not my point. The article in The Sun continues quoting from Nigel Clough, the manager of Derby County F.C., where he has this to say:

“[Savage] has arguably been our most consistent player this season. But he was pretty down when I arrived. I think anybody who goes to Beirut must be pretty low”

Excuse me? What the hell is that supposed to mean! You manage Derby Country, that is pretty low. Let’s take a look at how well Derby has done shall we:

Derby hold several records in English football, most of them unwanted. The disastrous 2007-08 Premier League campaign saw the club equal Loughborough’s all time league record of just one win in an entire league season. They also equalled or set several Premier league records (1992-present), including Least Home Wins in a Season (1, joint with Sunderland) and Least Away Wins in a Season (0, joint with 4 other teams) and Most Defeats in a Season (28, joint with Sunderland and Ipswich Town). Records set included Fewest Points in a season (3 points for a win) with 11, Fewest Goals Scored (20) and Worst Goal Difference (-69). The club also holds the record for Most Consecutive League Games Without A Win, with 37 matches between 22 September 2007 and 13 September 2008, and the Record Defeat in an FA Cup Final, when they lost 6-0 to Bury in 1903.

I would think it was pretty low of Savage to stay with Derby.
Moral of the Day: Don’t Throw Stones at your Neighbors House, when your House is made of Glass.