Here we go again – dilapidated building looking like Beirut:

RUN-DOWN former RAF bases, including Hemswell Cliff near Gainsborough, can be revitalised and saved from their “impoverished” state, it has been claimed.


Councillor Lewis Strange told a full council meeting that in his 67 years of living in the area he had seen stations “tumble” from being like garden cities to slums – with parts of Brookenby near Market Rasen now likened to Lebanese capital Beirut.


“But I can assure you some of the areas of Brookenby, Hemswell Cliff, Newtoft and Faldingworth are just as bad and they have been badly let down as the RAF has left these sites.

“It is not without some depth of knowledge that Brookenby is known as Beirut. It is, in places, dreadful.

Well, Cllr. Strange , I really have no idea what gives you the right to bad-mouth our city. Its not like I go around telling people how ‘dreadful’ your last name is. I’ll be (snail) mailing your Looks Like Beirut certificate this weekend.