South Yorkshire, UK

Thanks to Olivia Alabaster for this video:

An unfinished South Yorkshire housing estate has been criticised by a local resident as looking “like Beirut”.

The Stone Edge housing development is at Fox Hill, Sheffield and has just six completed houses.

The original developer has gone into administration but Sheffield City Council said it is looking at a new developer to take on the site.

Nellie Thackery is the resident who compared the area to Beirut and here’s what she said:

Just look at that. They haven’t done a thing with it, they just leave it. We have promises that they were going to get on with it. It looks like Beirut. […] It looks ten times worse now [then before they started construction]. It looks like slums. Its a disgrace.

I agree – its a disgrace. Unfortunately, I do not have much to go on in terms of a physical address so Nellie will have to suffice with a digital certificate.

Picture of an old house near the Luna Park in Beirut.

Little Red House on a Hill by ramseynasser — via flickr