I am happy to see CMA-CGM take the initiative in Lebanon to go green by constructing a sustainable office building at the Beirut port:

The company made the choice to build an office with a high level of sustainability as a way of reducing costs and increasing comfort, hoping that future development in the area will follow its lead. Three glass prisms with narrow floor plates are joined by a central atrium with a design that achieves a greater efficiency and flexibility in space planning. All employees have access to views, daylight and a column-free space in which to work.

The building’s innovative facade features fixed vertical Pietra Serena stone sun screen shading elements on the southwest facade. A ventilated screen facade faces the northeast and northwest, and a high selective glass minimizes solar gains in addition to protecting the area against external noise. Daylighting reduces the need for artificial lighting and cooling. The roof is covered with photovoltaic panels and solar tubes to supplement electrical energy and domestic hot water in the bathrooms and kitchens. Rain water is collected and used for irrigation and re circulated to feed grey water networks. The lobby features an impressive 40-meter-long water wall and reflection pool that filters and ripples the street views from the lobby, creating a serene atmosphere and establishing the company’s maritime heritage all while cooling of the space.

As the company states, I do hope that future buildings in the area will follow their lead.
CMA-CGM Headquarters in Beirut

CMA-CGM Headquarters in Beirut — photo from Inhabitat