We’ve had construction sites (incomplete buildings, tram work, flying scaffolding, delayed construction, metro lines, road works – take your pick) that look like Beirut and a myriad of dilapidated buildings (former military base, a Hindley building, downtown Buffalo, one of the poorest cities in the US) that apparently also look like the Lebanese capital. So it isn’t far-fetched to describe a dilapidated UK town center that is facing a nine-year (and counting) construction delay as bombed out Beirut, right?

FED-UP shopkeepers in a rundown part of Dartford town center branded “bombed out Beirut” are bracing themselves for more uncertainty. Supermarket giant Tesco insists it is committed to building a superstore with additional shops and homes along dilapidated Lowfield Street.


Ray Hussein, who has been running Dartford Dry Cleaners with his son Osman for nearly 30 years, says he has watched Lowfield Street change from a bustling area to a “bombed out Beirut”.

I think it’s about time Ray leaves the UK and visits Beirut, don’t you think? Ray, I’ll be sending you your Looks Like Beirut certificate shortly.

The Marina at St George Bay Beirut

The marina at St George Bay – Beirut, Lebanon
Taken by CazzJj via flickr

Looks Like Beirut on Google Maps

I’ve mapped the locations that have been described at one time or another as “looking like Beirut”. Take a look at the Google Map below and see if any area near you has been described as resembling like the Lebanese capital.

View Looks Like Beirut – Mapped Across the World by Jad Aoun in a larger map