Just when I thought we couldn’t have enough of the Palm Jumeriah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira, here comes the Cedar Island!

Off a Coast Near You

Off a Coast Near You

This is clearly a “if-Dubai-can-have-it-why-cant-we” situation.

I, for one, completely oppose such a hideous development. Really, do we need something like this lingering off our coast?

Is our 225km coastline insufficient that we would need to add another x km to it? Interestingly, there is no mention in the press release of how big the development or where it would be situated.

Here are my favorite parts of the press release:
1. The title of the Press Release is: ‘Noor International’ is about to present the development of a Universal Investment Project called ‘Lebanon’s Cedar Island’ that will be constructed in the Sea
Honestly, couldn’t you think of a shorter title? Though I’m quite surprised that it fits in the Title Bar of my browser.

2. Sticking with the title: ‘Noor Internationa’ is about to present…
ABOUT TO PRESENT. Its not presenting it at the moment, its just planning to present it in the near future. Here’s a question, if you are not presenting this project at the moment, why issue a press release on it? The answer is actually hidden within the text.

3. “…it is expected that the accomplishment of this project will take 3 to 4 years after getting the specific authorizations and decrees from the competent Lebanese parties.” Are you serious? Do you really thing you will get authorization and decrees passed by the government. The government and parliament have a huge backlog of decrees and laws, with some political party crying foul over some issue which would immediately kill the project.

This project reminds me of the Sannine Zenith project, which according to Wikipedia,

The Sannine Zenith Lebanon is a project that will cover a surface area of approximately 96 million square meters ­ nearly 1 percent of Lebanon­ will be located in the area of Bidnayel and Sulugi, which begins east of Faraya and ends in the Bekaa.

Yes, I know, the Wiki entry smells like a Corporate Brochure. This project was launched back in 2004 and there has been no substantial news on the project since then (though to be fair, the completion date is 2010 as per the 2004 press release).

Well, I wish Noor International all the best on a very ambitious project however, there is no way I can support such an environmentally damaging development.