Hindley, UK

A derelict part of town is being redeveloped however, it still needs one more ‘Beirut’ jab for emphasis:

A NOTORIOUS eyesore has moved one step closer to being redeveloped.

Solicitors and developers are close to finalising an agreement to work on Borsdane shopping precinct at Hindley, which has been semi-derelict for around 10 years.

But according to Hindley councilor Bob Brierley, he won’t believe it until he sees it:

“Until the developers sign on the dotted line, I won’t believe anything as there have been so many promises and false starts.

“But the precinct needs sorting, it is like Beirut.

“The flats are all burnt out, there are rats everywhere – the place is falling down.

Residents of Beirut, please be careful while strolling the rat-infested streets and try to avoid all the burnt out buildings that litter the country. Not to worry Bob, we’ll be safe here while your “Looks Like Beirut” Certificate makes its way to your office.

The Beirut Souks

The Beirut Souks

Creative Commons License photo credit: n.karim