Hollywood, California

Thanks to @MaryLebanese for the link. The phrase describes the winding road that leads up to the great Hollywood sign:

Locals complain that tourists leave litter and cigarette butts — a mortal hazard on tinder-dry hillsides in summer — to say nothing of bringing traffic chaos to the narrow, winding, pot-holed roads snaking up to the sign.


…for relative newcomer Rob Sorcher said the hillside residents simply need to get real, and provide a better way to manage the tourist influx. “I don’t think you’re going to stop people from coming,” he said.


And he added: “The roads, that’s crazy, it’s like war-torn Beirut up there. I’ve never seen anything like that. At least fix the roads.

Unfortunately I do not have the ability to mail him a certificate as I only have a relative address but I was initially surprised to see that the article is posted on Naharnet. I know the article wasn’t written by Naharnet (although it says by Naharnet Newsdesk) but it does seem kind of disappointing that here we are trying to rid the world of the “looks like Beirut” cliche and the people at Naharnet have no problem keeping the phrase alive.

Since the chances of mailing Rob a certificate is close to nil, how about sending one to Naharnet Newsdesk?

Hollywood Sign
Creative Commons License photo credit: Vlastula