With restaurant owners in Lebanon preparing to boycott the recent smoking ban (+961 | BlogBaladi), it seems somewhat fitting that the health authorities in the UK have shut down a Lebanese restaurant for doing just that:

MANAGERS of a Lebanese restaurant who persistently allowed customers to smoke shisha have been evicted from the premises.

In spite of warnings from the police and environmental health officers, Mezaziq, in Brackenbury Road, Hammersmith, let its customers flout the smoking ban and use shisha pipes in the basements.
This illegal shisha café has consistently flouted the law by allowing shisha to be smoked inside the premises and residents have also complained about noise and antisocial behavior. The council recently served an enforcement notice requiring the shisha club use to cease and we are delighted that the building’s owner has thrown out the people who ran the café.

Only wish something like that could happen in Lebanon. Though I like one suggestion on the Law 174 Facebook page which recommended patrons to leave a restaurant without paying your bill if the manager decided to boycott the smoking ban. I’ll definitely be doing that the next time I’m in Lebanon.

Mezaziq Restaurant

Lebanese restaurant, Mezaziq, in the UK forced to close down for failing to abide by smoking ban.

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