Garndolbenmaen, UK

New easily accessible police information in the UK has provided the public with details of crime rates within their neighborhood:

The findings, posted on an interactive website, will allow the public to discover how many cases of robbery, vehicle crime and other offences take place in their area – and to rank areas from best to worst.

The report by The Telegraph highlights the ‘high-danger’ areas and then gives readers a glimpse of hope of places they could live in peace:

Anyone craving a life free from crime should consider a move to Wales. Nearly a third of the 50 postcode districts with the lowest number of reported crimes last year were in Wales, with several on the island of Anglesey.

Official figures suggest that the Welsh village of Garndolbenmaen, on the edge of the Snowdonia national park, had one reported crime last year – a single case of anti-social behaviour.

Garndolbenmaen was not always a pleasant place as described by its local resident, Steve Churchman:

Steve Churchman, who runs the village shop serving the 300 residents, said the area was “like Beirut” when he moved there from London eight years ago.

“We had a real problem with anti-social behaviour back then,” said Mr Churchman. “There was this gang of kids. We had a phonebox vandalised, a bus stop graffitied and a few break-ins.”

The solution, according to Steve, simply involved enforcing laws and throwing people behind bars. A healthy dose of justice will take care of your Beirut problem once and for all.

Steve, I’m preparing to send you your very own looks like Beirut certificate.