British Colombia, Canada

During a workshop by the West Vancouver Police department where they raved about the latest crime rates, one resident was not happy:

Another resident who preferred not to be identified said in spite of Lepine’s positive statistics, the area immediately beneath the Lions Gate Bridge is still a magnet “for drugs and mischief and drinking.”

“My fence has been broken down 16 times in the last five years,” he said. “You’ve got graffiti and old shopping carts and prams. I look out on this graffiti and a fence that has been boarded up so many times it can barely stand. It looks like Beirut. And I was broken into three weeks ago. I put my life savings into that house. They knock the fence down and nothing is ever done and the graffiti is never cleaned.”

Without a name, I’ll have to allow this one to slide with no “looks like Beirut” certificate to send.

View of Beirut Downtown by  Joy Rahman -- via flickr

View of Beirut Downtown by Joy Rahman -- via flickr